In 2016-2017, "PRO.SVIT" conducted "Pilot24", a study program aimed at uniting administrations and teachers of hub schools to develop new interaction forms between teachers and students, the headmaster and teachers, the school and the local community.

The program was comprised of three-day study modules covering different aspects of educational process. During the 2016-2017 school year, each participating school of the project worked with a mentor to fundamentally change the education quality. Headmasters completed trainings on management and team building. Teachers completed study modules on modern teaching methods and student-oriented studies, learned practical and interesting for students lesson formats, children's psychology, emotional intelligence, and advantages of mixed learning.

According to the survey of "Pilot24" project participants, over 90% of the teachers who were trained within the project view students as partners in the learning process. Over 95 % of teachers started collecting regular feedback from students to improve their lessons. All schools started introducing mixed learning: lessons that combine different types of practical activities, subjects and teams of teachers. Many schools started to engage parents in lessons, organize workshops for students, and invite volunteers from abroad for teaching English.
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