This a development program for teachers enabling them to introduce new teaching methods for their subjects, such as mixed learning or project-based learning, and providing them with skills and tools for implementing educational projects.
In 2016, having studied the Christensen Institute's experience, we initiated an alternative development program for teachers based on the mixed learning methodology. With the support of the Varkey Foundation and scholarship foundation, as well as partners, such as Impact Hub Odesa, we managed to conduct a study program for teachers in Lviv, Odesa, Slovyansk, and Vinnytsia in 2016-2017.

Typically, the program consists of 4 training series within 6 months, mentor's supervision (for groups up to 25 teachers), or separate trainings on "Mixed learning" and "Project management".
On program completion participants can:
Comprehend the philosophy of mixed learning (different models and instructions on their application);
Understand theories, such as the theory of multiple intelligences, the theory of generations;
Set goals and give feedback;
Design lessons in the mixed learning format and gradually shift to this learning format;
Implement change in practice within their own educational projects.
Program experts:
Tetyana Bozhok
Oksana Kleputs
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