Almost 8 years ago, the team of the Center for Innovational Education "Pro.Svit" began to make changes through education.
Today we can be proud of hundreds of graduates of all-Ukrainian educational programs, dozens of implemented projects and our own educational crowdfunding platform GoFundEd, thanks to which more than 200 educators were able to realize their educational dreams.
The "Pro.Svit" team responds to the challenges of the time and reformats its work to meet the urgent needs of society.
Today, together with the Illuminate Foundation, we are launching our new project "Pro.Support", which involves working with families who have been forcibly displaced by the war.

The project will create a network of communities for safe and comfortable communication, finding resources, restoring their potential and realizing themselves in new conditions. It also provides support for the volunteer movement, providing tools to prevent burnout and rapid recovery of emotional and physical condition.

Many people dedicate their time to volunteering at this difficult time. Volunteers all over Ukraine are dedicated to doing incredible things. Each in its own way. But it is important to realize that we have a long marathon ahead of us, so to reach a victorious finish, everyone needs strength. Especially those who help and support others. That`s why we launched supervision meetings for volunteers from all over Ukraine and abroad.
The purpose of the meetings:

✔️ help volunteers regain their emotional state and find tools for self-recovery;

✔️ provide volunteers with tools, which will help them to support those who receive that help.

Meetings will be held regularly, in closed groups (10-15 people), which will be facilitated by experienced psychologists. They will take place online (zoom) and will last from 1 to 2 hours. There are no restrictions for participants by age, type of volunteering or location.

To participate you need to fill out a registration form.
Due to the fact that thousands of people were forced to move temporarily inside the country, we are starting to organize the work of support groups within the project "PRO. Support"
Pro.Svit team invites to join mutual support groups for people who have been forced to temporarily change their place of residence due to the war.

The format of work involves the creation of support groups of 10-16 people.
It is expected that 2 psychologists will work with each group during 7-10 classes in offline format.
The project envisages live meetings (meeting cities will appear later) once a week in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Correctional and developmental classes and art therapy will be organized for children of the group members during our meetings.
Support groups have the following goals:
to form a circle of like-minded people who have common experience and can communicate openly about their condition and problems in a safe space, exchange useful information, get help, support, new knowledge and experience;
to teach participants emotional and behavioral self-regulation, to improve their psycho-emotional state;
identify and provide resources to meet the individual needs of participants and their families;
to increase the ability of participants to organize and control the processes of their own lives and the functioning of their families in the process of integration into the realities of territorial communities they stay in;
to promote the possibilities of professional and personal realization of each member of the group.
A list of cities where the meetings will be held will be available soon, as well as a registration form for participants.

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Pro.Svit will continue to work with educational communities
The Pro.Svit team has already begun to work on developing a manual for schools during the war. We will create tools - short and effective tips and checklists for school staff that will help in difficult times to work effectively and solve urgent problems.
How can I help?
I want to join as info partner!
If you have ideas for special projects or collaborations, or you want to support us and PRO.Support project in the media, contact us at one of the numbers:

+380988563225 Olya
+380634758502 Ilona
Pro.Svit communication managers
I want to share my story or tell about those who need help!
Contact us if you have something to tell, want to share your experience or just talk.

Also, if you personally know families or individuals who need support and help, write to us at or on our Facebook page.
I want to support financially!
The best way to join financially is, of course, to support the Ukrainian army. But if you have already done so and really want to contribute to other good deeds, it is possible as follows:

- to become a supporter of the Illuminate Fund by joining us at Patreon

- donate to our PayPal account
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