Mentoring School
We consider it important to support leaders of educational changes, in particular school headmasters and educational managers. Our approach relies on the development of human capacity of people working in the education system, because we believe that actions performed by headmasters and teachers every day have an enormous and explicit influence on students' development.
To support them in the process of change, we offer mentoring for schools to transform school staff into a team, shape the school's mission, vision, strategy and its implementation, change lesson design principles, and develop school entrepreneurship. Twice a year, we organize "Mentoring School" for people who strive to contribute to school mentoring
The School mentor's main areas of responsibility:
Help shape a common vision and strategy;
Foster team building and the culture of cooperation;
Familiarize, demonstrate in practice, and teach how to use fundraising, couching, and appropriate feedback tools.
Help implement project-based work and democratic communication between all parties (headmaster-teachers-students-parents);
Support schools via proper feedback and other professional methods to build trust, mutual understanding, and transparency in their actions and inside the team.
What do we offer?
Training in the "Mentoring School";
Constant support and feedback from "Pro.Svit" team;
Paid work.
What we appreciate in mentors:
Democratic values;
Project/school management experience;
Team work, team building skills;
Couch and facilitation skills are an advantage.
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